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What compelled me to write this page…

I have been (both privately and professionally) involved in the care of horses for serveral years, and have become particulary interested in the area of hoof-care. I own two ponys (a Pinto and a Welsh Gelding, both standing approximately 1,35 m) which I keep in summer on a field, and in winter in an open stable connected to a 100 square meter paddock.

Katy, (the mother of Paco, the Welsh Gelding), suffers from chronic Hoof-Laminitis in all four hooves; which we think is probably as a result of Systemic After-birth poisoning. When we rescued her from the slaughter house, she was in a bad state. To relieve her pain we shoed her with custom shoes (Laminitis-shoes). This allieviated the pain, but didn`t improve the condition of her hooves. This led me to begin to ponder alternative ways to try too solve this difficult problem, and I began to intensively research the hoof.

Because my thirst of knowledge was still a long way from being quenched, I stumbled after some time upon the Internet, and began to search around fruitlessly for a Homepage which provided a good overview of this complex field. This then motivated me to undertake the construction of this Hoofpage to attemt to fill this void. What I have written makes no attempt too even try to cover the full extend of this subject, and is written purely from my own personal objective. I will always be most open to critique, and will appreciate any feedback given, whether positive or negative.

I have attempted to give as much clarity to the subject as possible by using text, but have also needed to accompany this with pictures and illustrations, which in order to provide an adequate resolution; have too be of a sufficiently good quality to unfortunately increase the down loading time of this page.

Hope you enjoy youself while surfing my Homepage.